Creations in Polymer Clay

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Creations in Polymer Clay

Welcome to our website.  Here, you will find many items made with polymer clay.  Yes, all the designs are made entirely out of clay - the flowers, the fish, the leaves - not painted on.  What little paint exists in these creations is used as a supplement to the clay itself, not to decorate the clay. 

This site contains a short mini-tutorial to illustrate the basics of canework - the technique you will see on most items.  It is an amazing process. 

Our creations include pens, trinket boxes, perfume atomizers, birdhouses, mirrored compacts, pillboxes, votive holders, eggs, creatures, switchplate covers, ceiling fan pulls, and wearable art.  Any or all of these items could pop up at any time, so check back often.  We hope you enjoy them.  We may even add paintings and jackets in the future.